NextView recently celebrated ten years of success, but it was not time to rest on their laurels. Design Axl was tasked with breathing new life into their site. targets the next generation of founders—à la GenZ! We developed a whole new look and feel, user experience, photo art direction, and animated illustrations. We were fortunate to work with the talented Liz Linder—photography, Angela Lian—design and art direction, Arjun Kumar—design and animation, and CodeGreene—development magic ✨

NextView Ventures is a high conviction, hands-on seed VC with a thematic investing focus. NextView Ventures invests in companies that use technology to drive a brighter collective future. This includes themes like healthy living, total footprint, economic access, and conversational computing.

Design Axl, created a completely new information architecture, visual design, front-end, and back-end system.

This is our second time around with Next View Ventures. We had the pleasure to work with them in 2019 on a web redesign and are excited to continue our collaboration. Check out the previous version of the site here.